My Filipino Freediving Instructor

Many Filipinos are talented freedivers as a long tradition of spearfishing exists in the country, and some of them are actually professional instructors and certified as such by recognized federations. In the wake of the launch of My Freediving, which we started in June 2020 to fund our programs and enable freediving instructors worldwide to live off their work more easily, we decided to launch the present program: My Filipino Freediving Instructor.

We came to realize that some among them would greatly benefit from a little help to pay the professional fees to their federation and be able by then to start making a living as freediving instructors. The freediving market is booming worldwide, and the country is host to some of the best diving spots in the world.  Most Filipino instructors are also perfectly fluent in English, which makes it easy for them to teach courses to foreigners.  

The present program works as follows: any Filipino instructor who is certified by a recognized federation is entitled to apply for a micro-credit from us, should that be necessary to start living off his/her work. 

All beneficiaries sign an acknowledgment of debt to Apnea Green, for the amount needed and at no interest rate. The participants commit to setting aside at least 25% of the money they will make through the courses to reimbursing Apnea Green so that others in the country can benefit from the same loan once it has been paid back.


The instructors are free to use My Freediving to market their courses or not. If they choose to do so, prospective students will have the guarantee that the highest safety standards will be met for any course with them, as their professional documents, as well as their First Aid/CPR certificate and legal liability policy will be verified before any publication. They will also know where their money will go: 5% to Apnea Green to run the platform and finance its programs, 2-3% for PayPal, the rest to the instructor.

Depending on the success of My Freediving and of Conservation Freediving Bohol (our two initiatives to fund our program), the following might also be financed in a similar way in the future: instructor courses, First Aid/CPR certificates, and legal liability policies.

Interested individuals are encouraged to go through this document and reach us afterward at As the professional fees vary according to the different freediving federations, the document will be edited according to the needs of the participants. The identity of the beneficiaries of this program will be kept confidential.


The number of participants at any given time is subject to Apnea Green's ability to fund the microloans. Those who cannot benefit from the program directly will be put on a waiting list, which will be used following these criteria: (1) date of application ; (2) gender parity, and (3) province where the courses will be taught, so that a balanced situation can emerge across the country.