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Conservation Freediving Bohol: what our students have made possible.

Updated: Apr 18

Our conservation and freediving center strives to contribute to the protection of the environment and to support local communities in the province. We're passionate about freediving and committed to spreading enthusiasm for this incredible activity while providing logistical and financial support to the Apnea Green Organization. Here is a list of activities our students made possible over the last few years. Our sincere thanks to you.

Summer 2023 (TBD): training of spearfishers in Siquijor

More information coming soon.

January to December 2023: training of spearfishers In Cagayan de Oro

January 2023: training of lifeguards in Panglao

July 2019: marine protected area at Napaling Reef

February 2020: 3-day coral rehabilitation course of boatmen and snorkeling guides

June 2019: swimming course and beach cleanup for children

March 2019: 3-day coral rehabilitation course for Filipino spearfishers and freedivers

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