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Freediving Insurance for Students

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

As a student, you have the ability (through your instructor) to subscribe to an accident insurance policy for your freediving courses. Doing so will cover you, the student, for the following expenses:

  • Worldwide emergency medical treatment, hyperbaric therapy, and hospitalization;

  • Search & rescue of a missing diver;

  • Alarm center and management of medical emergencies 24/7;

  • Emergency medical evacuation.

This insurance is available to individual instructors and centers alike and is offered through DAN (the Divers Alert Network), one of the main insurance institutions in the field.

With My Freediving Instructor.com, the possibility for the student to be covered by such insurance is mentioned on the course listings, and the instructor has the choice to either include it in the price of the course or to provide it as an additional cost. The instructor can also choose to simply not offer this insurance, as it is not a legal requirement in every country.

In any case, all students covered by this insurance will receive an email from DAN before taking the course, informing him/her of the policy details and of the rights it entails.

These insurance policies are not reserved for instructors who already have legal liability insurance or another type of insurance policy through DAN; they are available for any certified professional. As a matter of fact, any instructor has the ability to become, at no cost, a DAN Professional Partner, a privilege that will give him/her the ability to subscribe to such insurance policies for their students on a per-student/per-course basis.

It is important to know that different options exist depending on the level of the course and/or the depth limit, ranging from beginner's courses to advanced training courses, and from 30m to 70m for constant weight (100m for variable weight).

Here are the four different options available as of June 2020:

Freediving level 1: 8€ per student per course.

Suited for introduction and beginner's level courses such as AIDA 1 & 2 or equivalent. Depth limit: up to 30m*.

"Apnea Advanced" plan: 10€ per student per course.

Suited for intermediate-level courses such as AIDA 3 or equivalent, up to 30m*. Depth limit: up to 30m*.

Student insurances for specialty courses: 10€ per student per course.

Suited for advanced level courses such as AIDA 4. Depth limit: up to 40m*.

Accident Insurance for Apnea stages: 15€ per student per course.

Suited for (even more) advanced level courses or training. Depth limit: up to 70m in CWT and 100m in VWT.

*As with any insurance policy, specific conditions apply. Please refer to the page provided in the url and duly note that any breach of the conditions can lead to a refusal of the insurance to pay. For example, if your student is covered until 70m in CWT and his/her watch shows 79m, they might end up covering all costs themselves, irrelevant of what happened.

Edit to students: most instructors and centers will likely have their students fill in a medical statement and sign a legal liability waiver document. This waiver alone without any other insurance policy is perfectly legal in some countries, where the insurance requirements are already covered by the instructor's legal liability insurance.

This waiver document is to be understood as separate from any freediving insurance the student may get. It does not stand for an insurance contract.

To make this it simple, a liability waiver protects the freediving federation and your instructor from being sued by their students, should anything happen to the latter (physical harm or equipment degradation). On the other hand, an actual freediving insurance contract covers the students in case of emergency medical treatment (allergic reaction to jellyfish, emergency medical evacuation, etc) or any other emergency situation described in the insurance policy terms.

Edit to instructors: we strongly encourage all instructors offering their courses through My Freediving Instructor.com to make these insurance policies available to their students, either as an inclusion in the course or as an additional cost. Such insurance (which will likely cost you 8 or 10€ ), will increase the perceived value of your course of at least the same amount and will enable you to offer a course that would benefit from the highest level of safety. A filter named "Possibility to be insured by a freediving accident coverage" is displayed on the homepage for the students to use.

We went through the process of insuring students on a per-student/per-course basis ourselves, and we can tell you that it's really simple. Once you know your way around DAN's website, the process is surprisingly easy and will take you only a couple of minutes. Those of you who have a DAN Pro or Club members coverage should know that this policy lets you offer insurance for free to a certain number of entry-level students.

If you have no legal liability insurance at the moment and wish to start marketing your courses through My Freediving Instructors.com, we recommend you subscribe to a DAN Pro plan, which is the one we use ourselves. You can do so directly by clicking on the white logo (↓).

n.b. DAN Europe is only accessible to instructors who reside or are a citizen of a country comprised in the following areas: Geographic Europe, the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, the Middle East and the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, the countries bordering the Indian Ocean north of the equator as well as the related overseas territories, districts and protectorates of these countries.

If it doesn't apply to you, please visit this site or reach an insurance company in your country.