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Apnea Green accepts no corporate or government donations so we can maintain full independence, but it means we rely on individual supporters like you, on our own commercial initiatives, like Conservation Freediving Bohol and My Freediving, as well as on our own courses offered to the visitors of Bohol to finance our programs.

By donating you help us in our work to protect the marine resources and benefit local communities in the Philippines. You are helping Apnea Green and its volunteers monitor the state of coral reefs, give training in coral rehabilitation to locals, provide environmental education for kids and give safety training to spearfishers to limit the number of fatal accidents in the country.

  • Please note that any donation related to the plastic waste reduction program should be made directly through the website of Trash Hero World

  • Should you be willing to fund swimming courses for Filipino kids, we encourage you to do this directly through the Bert Lozada Foundation. Our own courses in Bohol are self-funded or led by volunteers, and not as easily scalable as theirs.

Thank you for your support. It means the world!

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