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Our Partners

logo IMarEST.jpg

IMarEST is the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, the international professional body and learned society for all marine professionals.

It is the largest marine organization of its kind with a worldwide membership based in over 120 countries.

Bert Lozada Foundation logo.jpg

The Bert Lozada Foundation aims to save lives and build opportunities for the underprivileged sectors, children, families, and communities by giving swimming courses to make the Philippines a "drown-free country".


CoralWatch, launched in 2002 by the University of Queensland, is a citizen-science program that seeks to integrate education and global reef monitoring by examining coral bleaching and uses a monitoring network to educate the public about reef biology, climate change, and environmental stewardship.


Ocean Quest global is an environmental organization acting to protect and rehabilitate coral reefs in a fully organic way and ensure a sustainable future for local communities.

In 2018 they started a campaign to better involved local communities in the processes of reef rehabilitation, through freediving.


Trash Hero is an energetic, volunteer-led movement that drives change within communities around the world, motivating and supporting them to clean and prevent plastic waste.

They are present in many countries and locations around the world, specifically in Southeast Asia, and organize through their local chapters community initiatives to clean up beaches and treat waste, set up reusable bottles and bags programs, and provide educational programs for kids.

Ocean First Education logo.png

Seventy percent of the Earth is covered by water. The ocean provides most of the oxygen we breathe. It’s a major source of the world’s food supply. Many promising medical breakthroughs lie beneath its surface. There’s a big picture many miss. Whether you know it or not, the ocean affects us every day.

That’s where Ocean First Education comes in, with its passionate educators, scientists, divers, and explorers, seeking to guide users to a greater understanding and appreciation of marine science and ocean conservation. 

logo Conservation Freedivers Bohol.jpg

Conservation Freedivers Bohol is a conservation and freediving center, which offers marine conservation training as well as freediving courses and is based in Panglao Island, Philippines.

Apart from sharing the passion for freediving and raising awareness about environmental concerns among the visitors of Bohol, its primary objective is to logistically and financially support Apnea Green. 


In order to finance its operations and enable freediving instructors to live off their work more easily following the COVID-19 pandemic, Apnea Green started in June 2020 an online marketplace called My Freediving Instructor.

It enables any certified professional to directly market courses to students,  anywhere in the world. 

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