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Safety and Freediving Training for Spearfishers

Many Filipinos rely on spearfishing as a source of food and revenue. This form of sustainable fishing has been used for thousands of years and ensures that fisheries continue to thrive in marine and freshwater habitats.

The dreadful toll of spearfishing in the country partly comes from the fact that it is often an individual activity, so when accidents happen, they are usually fatal. Many of those who take up spearfishing are self-taught and would greatly benefit from a proper understanding of the physiological mechanisms at play during breath-hold diving.

We have recently started an initiative to improve safety amongst Filipino spearfishers, by providing them with easy access to proper freediving education. Those who will pass the requirements will also receive official certification.

At the moment, our program started in the following areas:

Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental 

- Panglao, Bohol

Any Filipino spearfisher willing to do so is entitled to apply for free safety and freediving training through our network. Interested individuals are encouraged to reach their future instructor or center by clicking on the name of their city.

Filipino spearfisher under the water waiting for a fish to catch
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