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Plastic Waste Reduction*

According to the United Nations, the Philippines currently wastes 6.237.563 kg of plastic per day, of which 81% is mismanaged. As such, the country is ranked as the third-largest source of discarded plastic that ends up in the ocean, behind China and Indonesia. 

While recycling plants exist in the country, they have been repeatedly blamed for respiratory illnesses and pungent smells of melted plastic.

This situation is not only poisoning the fish and damaging public health, but it also contributes to the destruction of coral reefs. 

In partnership with the Swiss-based NGO Trash Hero, our organization will shortly help launch and coordinate a program of reusable bottles and bags in the provinces of Bohol, Cebu, and Negros, with the objective to extend it to other provinces over time. 

The mission of this program is simple:

- encourage people to change their behavior and refuse single-use plastic products

- reduce (and ultimately eliminate) the amount of single-use plastic products that enter the environment by offering affordable, reusable alternatives. 

Interested individuals and business owners (restaurants, cafes, sports venues, and co.) willing to take part in this program are invited to reach us at 

*this program has been on hold since January 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation and will resume once the situation is back to some normality in the Philippines.

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